About SkinDeck.

Tired of acne breakouts that never seem to go away? Are you a teenager struggling with Acne? Are you in college still struggling with Acne? Are you in your adult years still struggling with Acne? Get rid of Acne once and for all with SkinDeck's 52 Educational tips on fighting Acne.

1) What makes SkinDeck so successful is its dedication to educate the public on how to deal with, treat, and prevent Acne.
2) SkinDeck makes it fun and interactive to learn about Acne by doubling as a deck of playing cards.
3) SkinDeck uses only the best professional Casino-quality playing cards. 300+ GSM playing cards with Professional Custom Tin Box

SkinDeck is a unique set of educational playing cards in the field of Skin Care. SkinDeck comprises of 52 Educational tips on Acne and offers effective and safe ways in treating Acne.

Currently there are millions of people suffering from Acne. The most important step that is often overlooked is understanding what Acne is, what causes it, and how to prevent it. Aiding in the educational department of the Skincare Industry is one of the most crucial and most important steps that Skindeck aims to conquer.
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Value of the company: Currently there are millions and millions of people suffering from Acne. The most important step that is often overlooked is knowing exactly what Acne is. Aiding in the educational department is one of the most crucial and most important steps that SkinDeck aims to conquer.
Our specific target group is to focus on those who are novices when it comes Acne, those who spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on unnecessary professional skin care products/treatents, and those who have constantly suffered from Acne since a young age. SkinDeck’s information source comes from thousands and thousands of acne sufferers alike. Learn from those who experienced it firsthand. This priceless information has been passed down for years and years in order to help those who have just started to experience acne for the first time.
Currently, the skin care industry stands at roughly a 45 billion dollar industry with exponential room for new innovative ideas. The market is and will always be at an unmet demand for new and better solutions when it comes to skin care. While the industry is currently flooded and saturated with hundreds of different solutions/cleansers/ointments to choose from, SkinDeck will stand away from the completion to help narrow down these choices for you. You will then be able to make the wise decision as to which products will be best suited for your skin. Not to mention, you will be saving hundreds, if not thousands a year on unnecessary skin care products and treatments.
The general nature of competition in the Skin Care Industry resolves by the new onslaught of new and innovative ideas. More and more companies are using ingredients in their solutions that have been able to combat acne, but not necessarily prevent it. The key to fighting acne is to prevent it! SkinDeck has made it its number one objective to reach as many Acne sufferers as possible to help prevent acne.